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3D Ice Cream & Dessert Replicas

3D ice cream replicas are a popular way to feature your menu’s items in a mouthwatering and decorative way. Our selection of 3D advertisements includes chocolate, vanilla and twist 3D cone replicas, fancy 3D sundaes, Flavor Burst 3D ice cream and milkshakes. 3D advertisements will last for years and add a touch of style to the interior of any ice cream shop.

If you are looking to make a big statement, Stewart-Unlimited’s 3D Ice Cream Cone stands 4’ tall and is prefect for rooftops and pole signs. Customers will see the 3D advertisement and have no doubts about what you are offering, even from a distance. Customize the 3D Ice cream cone with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, twist or Rainbow Flavorburst options!

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vanilla cone sign
Vanilla Cone Replica
Our Price: $56.00

Vanilla Cone Sign & Advertising Replica

Kids will want to grab this treat straight from the window display. The vanilla ice cream cone replica is amazingly accurate with glistening soft serve draped over a traditional cone. Each intricate twist on the fake vanilla cone is defined with detailed angles to mimic the real deal. Customers may even debate if the treat is real!

Your sales significantly rely on visual cues to get customers thinking about your frozen treats. Place this vanilla ice cream cone replica in a window or near a cash register, and wipe it down regularly to keep dust to a minimum. With proper cleaning, this fake soft serve lasts for many years. You can even strategically move it to different displays throughout the year to make the vanilla cone advertising replica appear fresh. You'll save on marketing costs while pleasing customers with a new decor twist.

replica of a chocolate soft ice cream cone
Chocolate Cone Replica
Our Price: $66.00

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Replica

Nobody can resist the sweet decadence of deep chocolate. This chocolate ice cream cone replica is simplistic by design, but uses a glossy outer coat to truly entice customers in the door. The classic cone has the waffle edging along the bottom and cupped upper half to remind customers of their childhood. Chocolate ice cream arranged in a soft-serve shape creates a triangular vision up to the twisted top.

Most chocolate ice cream cone replicas have a light brown hue, but Stewart Unlimited Enterprises goes a step further with a deep brown appearance. It almost looks like there's a thick layer of fudge on the ice cream itself. Shine a light over this fake ice cream cone treat to see it glitter in a window or case. Use it as a chocolate cone sign and your customers will want to have this old-fashioned treat each time they visit. Simply keep the chocolate cone advertising replica dust free for years of use.

twist cone advertising replica
Twist Cone Replica
Our Price: $70.00

Chocolate and Vanilla 3D Ice Cream Sign

A soft serve treat, carefully piled into a cone, is a beautiful sight. With the perfect winding and mountainous shape, a chocolate and vanilla twist gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to ice cream. Captivate your customers with the twist cone advertising replica. One half of the fake twist ice cream cone is vanilla while the other is decadent chocolate. It nearly mimics real dark fudge dripping down the treat's sides.

Place this chocolate and vanilla ice cream sign in a display close to your customers, so they can see all of its fine details as close as possible. Kids, especially, find these replicas enjoyable to look at and bring their parents to marvel at the sight. Take advantage of 3D ice cream in the shop to get more sales flowing. As soon as customers lay eyes on it, they’ll have cravings for a soft serve they didn’t even know they had!

strawberry sundae replica
Fancy Strawberry Sundae
Our Price: $85.00

Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae Advertising Replica

Everyone will salivate at the sight of this strawberry sundae replica. In a tall glass goblet, this fake strawberry ice cream sundae shows intricate details and painting to look as if the strawberry ice cream and syrup are really dripping down into the glass. This replica will truly make a unique addition to your shop.

Topping the fake sundae is a generous dollop of whipped cream and maraschino cherry. Create a table display with this sundae as the main attraction, or simply place the sundae on a shelf to showcase alternative flavors and creations – other than basic ice cream scoops. Keep your sundae sales flowing with this delectable ice cream advertising replica. It looks real enough to eat!

small chocolate sundae replica
Fancy Chocolate Sundae
Our Price: $85.00

Chocolate Ice Cream Replica

This fake chocolate sundae display piece is sure to bring in more customers than before. Our ice cream sundae decorations are made with accuracy and precision to resemble the real ones. The simple, yet intricate work on the plastic ice cream is sure to have custtomers mistake it for a real chocolate sundae. Topped with a cherry, the artifical ice cream can be used for several purposes such as decorating your ice cream parlor or to show customers the different ice creams you offer. These ice cream displays can also be placed near your windows to entice customers. No matter where the fake ice cream is displayed, it is sure to have tongues watering.

In addition, the artificial ice cream comes in a clear glass goblet giving it a very realistic look. Made with the best quality materials, this fake ice cream is sure to last you for many years to come. Also, cleaning these ice cream sundae decorations is easy and quick. You can use a little bit of water or a small cloth to dust of the dirt. So no matter what the purpose, it is always a great option to display this fake ice cream.

Hot Fudge Sundae Replica
Small Hot Fudge Sundae Replica
Our Price: $95.00

Hot Fudge Replica

Customers will want to eat this small hot fudge sundae replica right out of the display window because of its authentic look. A gorgeous glass goblet with detailed base and body displays this hot fudge replica with style. The glass allows a glimpse into the interior which is full of vanilla ice cream and fudge drippings. At the rim's edge, the ice cream is already starting to melt, implying hot fudge heat and indulgent taste.

This small hot fudge sundae replica isn't complete without its towering whipped topping. It's nearly larger than the vanilla ice cream scoop itself with fudge drippings secretly streaming down the sides. A cherry with stem is perfectly submerged into the whipped cream for an authentic look. Keep this fake ice cream replica close to the cash register or under your ice cream sign so customers can marvel at the look and order a real one for themselves.

Ice cream replica of a strawberry sundae
Small Strawberry Sundae Replica
Our Price: $98.00

Premium Strawberry Sundae Advertising Replica

Real glass goblet

Lasts for years
Strawberry Milkshake Replica
Our Price: $105.00

Strawberry Milkshake Advertising Replica

Dazzle your customers with an unconventional strawberry milkshake replica. Instead of the towering shake customers are accustomed to, this milkshake throws back to the era where a scoop perches decadently on the glass's edge. Customers will stop to analyze this ice cream shake replica, enthralled that the ice cream doesn't drop right off the side.

The real glass container has striking vertical edges to accentuate the pink strawberry interior. Simplicity is the key with this strawberry milkshake advertising replica, allowing the pink hue to encourage a taste of this berry favorite. The perched ice cream scoop has added detail with perfectly arranged whipped cream and shiny cherry on top. Customers may be looking for a new flavor to try, but this old-fashioned favorite dressed up in replica form can change their minds. Keep this sweet fake milkshake dust free for the best longevity over many years.

root beer float replica in real glass mug
Root Beer Float Replica
Our Price: $122.00

Root Beer Float Advertising Replica

Entice your customers in the door with this root beer float advertising replica from Stewart Unlimited Enterprises. We know that you want an accurate representation of your ice cream treats, but they so stubbornly melt in a moment's notice. This fake root beer float appears icy and frothy for years of marketing use.

Set up a small table in a storefront window with the root beer float advertisement teasing thirsty customers outside. The mug itself is made of glass, creating a flashy look for the deep brown interior. White ice cream and beige froth complete the root beer float replica look, reflecting store lights and incoming sunlight. You can even set this mug up on a shelf to give customers a reason to order this classic dessert. Simply wipe the surface off periodically to keep its shining appearance bright.

advertising replica of a banana split
Banana Split Replica
Our Price: $126.00

Banana Split Replica

Who can resist the allure of a banana split? This favorite childhood treat actually encouraged children to eat their fruits! Now, Stewart Unlimited has a banana split replica that lasts for years as a permanent reminder of a customer’s favorite summer treat.

The bananas look like a boat cradling their tasty ice cream scoops. This design uses the basic formation of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla scoops to entice customers. Each scoop is topped with a decorative sauce to highlight whipped cream mounds. Customers will wonder if the treat is real as they pass by! Cherries top each scoop, giving the replica a "just made" appearance, ready for hungry customers to dig in. Place this replica where people can easily see the details. Just the thought of a banana split tempts people to try one as a nostalgic throwback to simpler days.
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