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4 Cost Effective Ways to Spend an Ice Cream or Shaved Ice Budget

If you own or market an ice cream parlor or shaved ice business you know how important it is to stretch every marketing dollar. Most shaved ice stands do not have the luxury of big budgets set aside for marketing, so Stewart-Unlimited has compiled a list of 4 marketing strategies that may fit in your budget.

Radio Spots

Trying to spend marketing dollars wisely to reach a local audience can be tricky. If television spots are too expensive, consider allocating marketing dollars to radio ads. Radio is a great way to get the business name out to customers living close to the stand or store. Remember you need to take into account the cost to produce and edit the video but radio can be cost effective especially when running ads during non-peak hours! Each radio spot can rage anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred so make sure you do your research first before allocating marketing dollars to radio.

Fun Events

Planning an event at your business can be a worthwhile investment if you are willing to properly plan and promote the event. Consider selling tickets to an Ice Cream or Shaved Ice Social with a percentage of proceeds going to charity. Local customers will enjoy an afternoon with friends, costumed mascots and delicious treats. Local news may even help promote the day turning an afternoon charity event into the top news story of the day!

Get Social

Managing social media profiles on the networks your customers use most is a must for shaved ice businesses. They are free to create and allow you to communicate with the people who matter the most, your customers. Facebook’s new advertising service allows you to create ads that will appear to potential customers in your local area. You can refine your Facebook ad strategy by targeting your ads towards Facebook users who “Like” ice cream and shaved ice.

Email Marketing

Building a customer email list is a must for ice cream and shaved ice businesses. Emailing customers coupons that can be exchanged for discounted desserts is a great way to reward your local customers. A happy customer is more willing to share their experience with friends and family! Email is also considered a less invasive form of marketing, instead of mailing expensive direct mail to homes. You can also invite customers to “Like” you on Facebook or Follow you on Twitter for more news and coupons! Just remember to be responsd to questions and comments on social networks. It will show you are engaged and respect your customers and will help gain customer’s trust and business the next time they want something sweet!

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