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5 Must Have Items to Sell Shaved Ice

If properly set up and managed, a shaved ice business can be both fun and profitable. Whether set in a stationary location or as a mobile operation, a shaved ice outlet can provide a significant return on investment since the cost of the product is low, usually about 20 cents per unit, but the price charged to the customer can often be one dollar or more. With a stationary operation, maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum and, with a good product and reliable service you have the opportunity to build a good repeat business. With a mobile operation, while maintenance costs may be higher, you have the opportunity to go where the customers are, such as theme parks, special events, festivals, etc. Here's what you'll need to begin selling shaved ice:

  • The first item you need to get for any shaved ice operation is a shaved ice machine. While there are several available in the marketplace, the undisputed leader is the ASI-6 Alaskan Ice Shaver. It makes ideal, fluffy ice perfect for snow cones at up to six pounds per minute. It's UL and NSF approved, weighs only 35 pounds and can operate using either ice blocks or bagged ice cubes. It comes with a drip catcher and spare blade and, important for safety's sake, has a built-in switch that won't let the machine operate without the lid being closed.

  • The next thing you need for your shaved ice enterprise is flavoring syrup. You can buy concentrates to make your own blend or, for the best in consistency from one batch to the next, you can choose ready-to-use syrup. Besides the consistency of the ice, the taste and texture of the flavorings is what will keep customers coming back for more. We sell the absolute highest-quality syrups available in more than a dozen flavors of your choosing. Available in either quarts or gallons, you can also pick from several pre-assembled packs of the most popular choices.

  • Putting together a shaved ice stand or kiosk can be confusing and time-consuming without some previous experience. Fortunately, here at Stewart Unlimited we have more than 30 years of experience and we can walk you through the entire process, custom-build your unit and have you in business ASAP. Whether you're leaning toward a stationary or a mobile set-up, we have each and every item necessary to get you going right away. We want to establish a long-term partnership that ensures your success and will do whatever we can to help you succeed.

  • Serving shaved ice in Styrofoam or paper cups is fine but, for that extra added attraction, we offer the unique flower cup. This 8-ounce cup can hold any amount of shaved ice up to 24-ounces. These orange-colored flower cups have been proven by extensive market research to be the most popular color for shaved ice, with customers also willing to pay a premium for them. Parents love them because they help contain the sticky mess sometimes experienced with conventional snow cones.

  • To propel your shaved ice business into the stratosphere, some well-placed and compelling advertising can make all the difference in the world, especially ads that appeal to children. We offer you a full array of proven materials including banners, posters, decals, flags, 3D and LED signs. Spread the word and you'll spread the joy!

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