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5 Reasons to Invest in your Shaved Ice Business this Winter

As the leaves on the trees are changing colors and the weather is starting to get cooler you may be finally getting a much deserved break from the busy summer season. While taking a relaxing vacation to reward yourself for a successful year is important, Stewart-Unlimited is here to remind you there is more work to be done! The cooler months present a great opportunity for you to take advantage of discounted advertising merchandise, make improvements to the business and prepare for another busy year in 2014! Below we’ve highlighted 5 steps you can take now that will help set you up for summer success.

1. Discounted Advertising

Find deep discounts on frozen dessert advertisements in the winter during end of season closeouts. Keeping your shaved ice stand or ice cream business top of mind with customers requires fresh and exciting signs and advertisements. There is no shortage of ice cream and shaved ice advertisements available here so take a second and browse our 3D, LED, inflatable and outdoor advertisements today!

2. Fix Up the Business

During the long grind of the spring and summer the shaved ice cart’s To-Do list may have turned into a To-Do book with an endless count of tasks needing attention. Take time to prioritize which improvements are required and which ones would be nice to have. Complete the high priority tasks first to ensure the business can open and run smoothly when the weather warms up. Once you fix the big To-Dos start on the fun jobs that will really take the business to the next level!

3. Create New Menu Buzz

Your business has its dedicated customer base who loves your frozen treats exactly the way they are but have you considered expanding your menu to attract new customers? The slower winter months may allow more time to experiment with customer’s preferences and test new menu items you can include next spring. Stewart-Unlimited carries dessert making equipment to create treats that go perfectly with ice cream and shaved ice. There is nothing quite like a scoop of ice cream on top of a warm, freshly baked Belgian waffle or baked donut!

4. Build Awareness

Whether you plan to open a new location or feature new menu items, it’s critical to keep building brand awareness and market during the cold months. Keep your Facebook page current with holiday themed posts so your customer’s do not forget about you when summer rolls around. Other frozen treat businesses may be closed entirely or will scale down their advertising so continuing to promote the business is essential.

5. Time Flies

Before you realize it you will be freezing the first batch of shaved ice and getting your ice cream toppings ready, so don’t delay. At Stewart-Unlimited we know the selling season may seem like a ways off but it will be here before you know it. Ensure your business is ready when the time comes and your equipment is functional; it will help decrease stress and rushing during the spring.

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