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How to Keep Cool and Have Fun this Summer

The summer season is the perfect time to plan a neighborhood party or enjoy a get-together with friends and family. Plan to have your party outdoors and take advantage of fun-filled ways in which you can beat the summer heat. Whether you choose to cool off in the pool, provide your guests with shaved ice treats or snack on watermelon, there are plenty of fun things that you can do to enhance your outdoor summer party.

 Shaved Ice Treats Plan a shaved ice neighborhood party and invite all of the residents on your block. This great summer event gives you the chance to meet and get to know all of your neighbors while enjoying an icy treat that is sure to keep all guests cool on even the hottest of days. Socialize and bond with your neighbors while you provide children and adults with shaved ice in their desired flavors. From cherry to mango, Stewart Unlimited offers a wide variety of syrup flavors for all taste palates. Adults can even choose to add alcohol to their shaved ice desserts for a little added kick.

 A Dip in the Pool A pool party is the perfect summer party idea that will have you beating the heat. Invite friends, family and neighbors to your home to enjoy a dip in your swimming pool. Offer floats, tubes and noodles for all of your guests to use while swimming. With your favorite music filling the air, cold beverages being served and your pool available for all guests to use, this is one fun summer party that you will not want to pass up the opportunity to plan.

 A Watermelon Get-Together Watermelon is a popular treat to enjoy during the hot summer months. The combination of fruity flavor plus the cold juice that it offers with every bite, watermelon will keep you cool while enjoying your time outdoors. Plan a watermelon get-together in your neighborhood this summer and mingle with your guests as you all enjoy slices of delicious watermelon. Encourage your guests to each bring a different type of fruit that can be served at the party. Set up a table with watermelon and all other different types of fruits and enjoy beating the summer heat while eating delicious fruit.

 Sprinkler Fun
If you do not have a pool for your party guests to cool off in during those hot summer months, you can still beat the heat by simply offering a sprinkler for guests to run through. Plan your fun summer party with unique themes such as a Hawaiian luau and encourage your guests to bring along their swim suits. Both children and adults will have a blast cooling off as they run, jump and skip over your sprinkler that spews cool water throughout the party.

With these fun-filled ideas in mind, you can plan the neighborhood’s best summer party while offering unique ways to beat the summer heat. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen before heading outdoors!

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