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4 Ways to Sell Shaved Ice during the Winter Months

A main concern facing snow cone and shaved ice businesses is the cyclical nature of sales. The majority of the country experiences frigid winters with snow storms and freezing temperatures. Do you close up shop or get creative and keep the business open? The decision is yours but we recommend holding off on judgment until you’ve read our tips on winter shaved ice sales ideas.

1.Diversify your menu
While you continue to sell the frozen desserts you are known for, have you considered expanding your menu options to include winter friendly choices? Cakes, cookies and other baked goods are top sellers no matter the temperature and will satisfy your customer’s sweet tooth. Easy to bake Belgian waffles, donuts and corn dogs are possible menu additions as well that will not take up valuable trailer or counter space!

2.Winter themed flavors
Restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks make a killing off winter and holiday themed variations of their normal menu. Peppermint and gingerbread coffee are top sellers for the company during the cold months and customers look forward to the menu change all year. Why not take a page from their book? Garnish cherry snow cones and shaved ice with peppermint, liquid chocolate and marshmallow crème to create a delicious holiday treat!

3.Don’t Forget the Kids
While adults may be the one’s paying for the treats, chances are it was the kid’s idea to visit you in the first place. Keeping your shaved ice business looking its best is always a priority, not just in the summer. Spruce up the business with 3D signs, posters and airblown inflatables! If you are located near a school you may choose to offer afterschool rates to draw in the carpooling crowd.

4.Explore New Marketing Avenues
When the wind is howling and temperature is dropping it may take an extra little incentive for your customers to leave the house. Foster relationships with your customers in the winter and they will not forget you when the weather warms up! Have you thought about discounting your treats with a coupon site like Groupon? Or a Facebook Like promotion that offers a percent off menu items if they promote your business online? If you are already running acustomer loyalty card program, you can offer a “double punch” on a certain day that will boost customer traffic.

If your goal is to stay open when the temperature drops and you do not want to move to South America with your business try out some of the above tips to keep sales growing!

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