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Ice Tempering Couldn’t Get Easier!

As summer rolls along, the sun gets hotter and hotter! During this time, the only thing people feel like having is something cold and what better than shaved ice? Shaved ice provides an escape from the summers heat while adding an amazing taste. But it is not everyday that you find the best tasting shaved ice. Not all places that serve shaved ice know how it is made. Yes, the syrup is one of the most important factors that makes the shaved ice taste good. But deeper than that is the process through which shaved ice is made. At the core of quality shaved ice is how the ice is tempered. The tempering of ice is one of the key concepts to making great shaved ice.

When ice is shaved from a block, the most important part is the temperature of the ice. The temperature can make or break your shaved ice business. If the block ice is too cold, then, when shaved it will not stick together. On the other hand, if the ice is too warm, it will create a liquid mess. Either way, the results you want cannot be achieved unless your ice is the right temperature. To solve this problem, all you have to do is warm up or temper the ice to the right temperature to get the correct consistency. Tempering allows the ice to reach the ideal temperature for shaving which is around 18 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

To temper your ice, simply remove it from a freezer 30 minutes beofre shaving it. You can place the ice in a bucket or in one of the restaurant trays while it warms up. Once the ice begins to melt, place it in a plastic cooler to slow down the melting process so that you can get the right temperature. The sweating of the ice block is a signal that it is ready to be shaved and has reached the tempered stage. Make sure though that the ice block does not get too warm. If it does, it will get messy and will not hold the flavor well. If this happens, simply put it back into the freezer and refreeze.

One tip while tempering the ice is to set the ice cooler between 18 and 20 degrees farenheit. Once set, place a freezer thermometer inside and let it sit for before you take a reading and begin using it. This will save you the trouble of having to refreeze the ice block. Tempering ice blocks comes with practice and it will take time before you get a hang of it. Depending on how busy your shaved ice business is, you will need to adjust the number of ice blocks being tempered. Remember, if you temper too many blocks at one time, you can always refreeze them.
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