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If you’re looking for fun shaved ice and ice cream themed products, Stewart-Unlimited has a great selection of 3D signs, LED signs, ice cream costumes, posters and more! Build customer loyalty with ice cream customer cards and frequency cards. Purchase of a Cone Club Cards package includes 500 individual UV coated customer cards with your businesses information printed on the front of each card. If your customer orders a cone you punch a hole in the number, after 9 paid ice cream cones a customer is entitled to a free dessert! Stewart Unlimited also carries an ice cream clock with a soft ice cream swirl background and a Flavor Burst Cone as the second hand. Both the ice cream cone clock and customer frequency cards are eligible for Free Shipping!

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Ice cream clock
"It's Taylor Time" Clock
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $25.00
Savings: $5.00

10" Clock with Ice Cream Cone Center, Flavor Burst Cone Second Hand
ice cream loyalty punch cards
Cone Club Card
List Price: $43.00
Our Price: $36.00
Savings: $7.00

Ice Cream Loyalty Punch Card

As an ice cream shop how do you keep customers coming back to your store? The customer loyalty punch cards are one of the best ways to retain customers and build a great customer base. The ice cream loyalty card will give your customers a free ice cream on their 10th purchase. This is a great incentive your customers will love. In addition, every time a hole is punched into the loyalty rewards card, it increases the enthusiasm and eagerness of customers to get the free ice cream. The closer they get to number 10, the more they want it.

It is also a great way for you as a business to resonate in your customers minds. With the loyalty punch cards being fully customizable, you can add in your business name and details into the card so that you are always in your customers wallets or purses. Don’t wait any longer! Get 500 UV coated personalized punch cards for businesses today and increase traffic into your store.

You must type in your business information in the options text box in order to place your order.

Shaved Ice Club Card
Shaved Ice Club Card
List Price: $43.00
Our Price: $36.00
Sale Price: $36.00
Savings: $7.00

500 Individual uv coated shaved ice club cards This is a great way to get customers to keep coming back! You will get 500 full color, custom shaved ice club cards. Here's how it works... Your customer orders a shaved ice, you punch a hole through the card and when they get to 10, they get a free shaved ice! You must type in your business information in the options text box in order to place your order.
Shaved ice decal
Shaved Ice Decal
List Price: $150.00
Our Price: $135.00
Sale Price: $135.00
Savings: $15.00

Shaved Ice Decal

You won't miss any sales with this huge 36" x 33" shaved ice decal. Instead of a rectangle or square poster, we offer you a two-dimensional Shaved Ice Decal in the exact shape of the cone itself. The clear picture will entice customers to come in and quench their thirst on a hot day.

You can place this shaved ice vinyl decal in almost any visible area. Place it high above your machine for easy viewing above a crowd or stick it low on a mobile shaved ice machine. Because it's made of vinyl, it's easily wiped down after a messy day of serving desserts. It won't break down if it’s exposed to moisture either.

Add a snow cone decal to your advertising strategy today for increased shaved ice sales. You'll love the response from customers.

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