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Snow Cone Syrup Concentrate

Create delicious snow cone syrup from home using Alaskan Shaved Ice shaved ice concentrate. By spending a little extra time mixing snow cone syrup and following our Simple Syrup Recipe Guide you can create even more sno cone flavors your customers will love. Everybody knows what to expect from a cherry or grape snow cone but using our snow cone syrups you will be able to sell unique snow cones that can’t be found anywhere else in town! Purchasing shaved ice concentrate also allows for a more efficient use of space in smaller trailers. Stewart Unlimited carries snow cone syrup concentrate in 16 oz, 32 oz and 1 Gallon containers and offers bulk buying discounts. Scroll down to see all the snow cone syrup concentrates your customers are sure to fall in love with!

Sno Cone Flavors:

  • Bahama Mama - A fruity Pina Colada flavor
  • Banana - without the peel of course!
  • Black Cherry - Dark red, fruitful cherry taste
  • Black Raspberry - Fruity, sweet, dark raspberry flavor (purple)
  • Blue Raspberry - Our #1 flavor and it's delicious! (blue)
  • Blueberry - Right off the vine, succulent blueberry taste (purple)
  • Bubble Gum - A kids favorite, bubble blowing not included (pink)
  • Butterscotch - Right out of the candy dish (golden)
  • Cake Batter - Yellow cake, no baking required (yellow)
  • Coconut - An island favorite (clear)
  • Cookie Dough - Tastes just like mom's cookies (yellow)
  • Creme De Menthe - Cool, Creamy, Mint Flavor (green)
  • Dreamsicle - Tastes like an Creamsicle (orange)
  • Fuzzy Navel - Fruity orange and peach taste (orange)
  • Georgia Peach - Be jealous Georgia, we know your secret! (light orange)
  • Lemon Lime - Perfect combo of Lemon & Lime (green)
  • Mango - Sweet, tropical, between a plum and peach taste (orange)
  • Orange - Like a fresh squeezed glass of juice (orange)
  • Peanut Butter - This goes great with strawberry! (light brown)
  • Pina Colada - Perfect pineapple and coconut flavor, Just add rum! (clear)
  • Purple - The great grape flavor can only be described as purple!
  • Root Beer - Real Root Beer Flavor (brown)
  • Sour Shot - Kids love the way it puckers! (clear)
  • Strawberry Banana - A perfect blend of Strawberry and Banana (red)
  • Strawberry - Ripe strawberry flavor (red)
  • Tigers Blood - Fresh fruity berry taste with a hint of coconut. (red)
  • Watermelon - Juicy, sweet, ripe flavor, only no seeds! (red)
  • Wild Cherry - Deep Cherry flavor but less sweet - (red)
  • Preservative - For making your syrups last longer
  • Coffee Liqueur - Kahlua type flavor
  • Lemon-ade -Refreshing lemon that's like lemonade - (yellow)
  • Cotton Candy - Better than the county fair! (pink)
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